Nike Works

Service Design project focusing on leveraging Nike's Brand to bring engaging wellness programs to the workplace.

Role: Individual project leading research, strategy, design, & execution

What: Leverage Nike's deep expertise in physical performance to create service offering that overcome existing hurdles in workplace wellness programs. 



  • On-Site employees who spend a majority of their day at desk or within an office.

  • Companies wanting better results & participation in workplace wellness initiatives.

  • Employers looking for a competitive advantage in recruiting & retaining talent.

Why: Workplace wellness programs have an engagement & impact problem:

  • Employees are often interacting only with apps in individual silos, 'rewards' for participation don't match the effort required, and often activities beyond 'step counting' don't fit into the way people work.

  • Employers often aren't provided with customized or tailored tools to make their wellness programs interesting & relevant to their staff. 


Nike Works Service Experience:

  • Perpetual service experience where employees are participants in the service for as long as they’re at company

  • Activities happen at daily, weekly, and monthly intervals

  • If and when an employee leaves the company - their ‘Athlete Profile’ travels with them

  • A future service experience will support athletes that are no longer connected to a participating  company - migrate individual's data to the Nike Plus platform and facilitate interactions with Coaches and Teams

  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly activities

Nike Works Service Ecosystem:

  • Service live both within and beyond the workplace

  • Connects participants to each other, in-person & remote coaching sessions, local Nike store, offsite experiences

Digital Prototype:

  • Customizeable Athlete profile, preferences, progress, real-time interactions with fellow participants & Coach

  • Activity cards:can be filtered by location, time commitment, popularity, skill level, activity type...