Idle Incubator

Project Description: Citrix sponsored innovation project developed to address the 'Future of Work and Play'.  Examining the relationships between creativity, design thinking, and the workplace.

Role: DMBA student design team, research, strategy, design

Illustrated Research Findings:

Initial research and interviews led the team to believe that the opportunity space between work and play lie in pain points experienced by remote workers.  


We developed an initial hypothesis around the idea that the workplace of the future would continue to become a much more fluid space with many more staff working not in a physical office. 

Illustrated Research Findings:

As we dug deeper into our findings we felt there was an underlying need that could address a completely different issue in the workplace.  Many of the remote-workers we interviewed voiced a common complaint of missing the comradery of the office place, while enjoying the flexibility and opportunity to engage with other flex-workers outside of their company.  


Our design focus shifted to investigate opportunities to a 'social workspace'.

We went through another round of research and interviews where our findings led us to identify themes more deeply representative of how we work, and how we play. 

We developed an archetype map around what we felt were the most compelling themes, and a persona that we identified as the most compelling opportunity for design innovation and improvement, that guided our design process forward - the Checklister.