Flourish Partners

Project Description: Business strategy model designed to deliver solutions that generate positive-impact on community health and change within the public education sector via the lens of sustainability.

Role: DMBA student design team, research, strategy, design. 

Hypothesis: The food served in public schools was an existing system that could be leveraged to deliver innovation and design strategy to address universal issues faced by public schools. 

Research & Key Findings:

  • Our interview findings told us that a large percentage of students and teachers don’t know what sustainability is, students, don’t care because adults haven’t made an effort to care themselves, and teachers are not allowed or are discouraged from caring.  

  • By finding the issues that most-concerned our stakeholders, we were able to ask, ‘Who else is connected to this issue?’  ‘Who else is impacted by disengaged and unhealthy students and poorly performing public schools?’

Prototype & Stakeholder Map: visualize connections, outcomes, and opportunities between stakeholders, various inputs, and test assumptions on the output such a system could generate.

Flourish Partners acts as a design strategy consultant to deliver benefits and impact by working with Public Schools and Insurance Companies to deliver beneficial impact within the public education system.  

Business Model Canvas outlining business model for Flourish Partners.