CoLunch Box

Project Description: CoLunch Box is a concept that combines two existing business models - team building and catering - to create a workplace team-building experience through the ritual of creating a shared meal together.

Problem Statement

How can we enable cross-sector collaboration with diverse people to solve complex problems?

Tactical Landscape assessments and early prototypes examined opportunities to leverage existing systems within the workday: lunch hour, daily commutes, coffee breaks, and common spaces within an office.  Ultimately we settled on further exploring the lunch hour recognizing that it was a universal common element among all stakeholders within the office.


CoLunch Box enables the meaningful experience of creating a meal together in the office by delivering a full table setting, all the fresh, prepped ingredients ready for your team to assemble, and engaging conversation prompts that take your mind off deadlines, and back to the people who we spend so much of our time with each day.

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Service Blueprint 

Research & Key Findings:

  • Take us out of the office mentality, but we can’t actually leave the office because we’re busy. 

  • Building relationships is something that happens over time – so it needs to happen more frequently than once a year at a staff retreat. 

  • It needs to be something that is comfortable for everyone to engage with together – regardless of title, skillset, or background.

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