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Perkins+Will: Commerical interiors & Branded Environments project for non-profit corporate headquarters

Role: Primary & secondary research, experience mapping, site analysis, concept design & content development

What: Non-Profit relocating from multiple outdated suburban facilitates to single centrally located headquarters in Minneapolis.



  • Be the Match is a leading donor registry connecting blood cancer patients and donors all over the world. 

  • Providing engaging spaces & experiences for employees, visitors, donors, public, and partners.

  • Connecting the mission of Be The Match to the larger public and surrounding communities


  • Passion of employees, staff, and network partners not immediately recognizable within workplace
  • Employees need collaborative, flexible workspaces to better serve patients and donors 
  • Employees have a variety of work styles & needs yet were restricted to outdated offices
  • Workplace does not fully embody mission and values of the non-profit
  • Minimal internal / external engagment within the workplace


  • Experience strategy diagram

  • Jobs To Be Done: What does the new space need to accomplish for each of the unique audiences that will be interacting with the new space?

  • Audience Mapping 

  • Storytelling opportunities: engage internal and external audiences at multiple destinations throughout the space

  • Brand Strories

  • Storytelling Matrix